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Product and Services

The ageless allure that hardwood flooring adds to your house is priceless. A well installed hardwood floor is nothing less than nature itself; spread all over, below your feet. The rich,13613589078
elegant, soothing tones of hard wood in diverse finish; lend an undeniable appeal to your house; it's both luxurious and rustic; enhancing the face value instantly.

In addition, either you opt, Red Oak wood flooring or a maple, it hardly makes a difference to us; being, an ace wood flooring company, we are end of your quest, exploring a true wood floor professional. In fact, the popularity and a sky-high demand of wood floor has made Art Floor Company, to come up with numerous hardwood flooring services options.

At Art Flooring Company, one can find the most trusted commercial hardwood flooring products and installation services. One-of-its kind company, we are sure to impress you; as we deliver, what we obligate.

Hardwood Floor Types

Prefinished Hardwood Floor - The pre-finished floor, goes by it's name; it's a prefinished variant; finished prior installing. It has a smooth and refined surface because the wood has been polished at the mill during production.The pre-finished floor is better because it is convenient as there is no need for sanding later.

Solid Oak wood Flooring - As the name suggest, it's raw. The unfinished floor has a 136135893314more uniformed seal, when compared with others; is used mostly by professionals and in offices. In fact, as this floor has a higher durability and can easily absorb stains; using this type of hardwood floor for places that have lots of on going activities, is advisable.

Engineered Hard wood Floor - Engineered Hard wood is the most common type of wood flooring used world-wide. Engineered wood flooring comprise of two or greater than two layers of wooden planks. The top layer is visible when the floor is installed and is adhered to the base. In fact, running each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above, is the key to achieve stability. This stability makes it a universal product that can be installed over all types of sub-floors: on grade, above or below grade.

Hardwood Floor Services

Floor Finishing - Floor finishes includes, all process used to improve the appearance of wood floor and to protect it from effects of the environment. In fact, in contemporary era, "floor finishing” designates the application of a protective coating on wooden floor. Some techniques include the following:

  • Water-based urethane - a water borne urethane that dries as water evaporates. It’s clear and non-yellowing, having a milder odor than oil-modified finishes have and dries in about two to three hours.
  • Oil-modified urethane - most common surface finishing which is easy to apply. This is solvent-base polyurethane that dries in around eight hours.
  • Swedish finish or acid cure urethane - durable, clear and fast drying finish which is non-yellowing. And, as it carries, an extremely strong odor, should be applied by the highly skilled wood flooring professional only.
  • Matte Finish - A Matte sheen, comes with very little or no shine at all. A Matte sheen being the exact opposite of high-gloss sheen, delivers a very opaque look when used over any naturally unstained wood. In fact, is capable of creating the illusion of raw wood but with the protection of a dependable polyurethane finish.
  • Semi Gloss Finish - A semi-gloss sheen is right there in between, gloss and high gloss finish. Semi-gloss is a great choice for those who want the shine but also want to impersonate some of the natural abuse a hardwood floor goes through.
  • Gloss finish - A softer, flatter shine that falls on the lower end of the scale 13613588925somewhere in between a semi-gloss and a matte. This sheen has become popular nowadays due to it's ability to hide long term effects of wear and tear.
  • Super Gloss finish - this is highest of all sheen levels. While super-gloss finishes have the brightest of all shines, they are prone to highlight imperfections beneath and on top of the polyurethane coating like everyday wear and tear and surface scratches.

Floor Sanding -  A process to even-out all the odds in the wooden floor, Sanding is a professional job.  Sanding is also used to renew the appearance of older floors.

Additional Services

  • Custom Vents
  • Concrete and Wooden Floor and Sub-floor Leveling
  • Baseboard and quarter round finishing and installation
  • Carpet removal and disposal
  • Hardwood Floor Repairs
  • Furniture Moving
  • Gap Filling


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