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The charm and allure of a hardwood floor is mesmerizing, it grows with time; in fact, it can be retained for years to come with some easy and simple floor-care techniques. So, page1-imgwhenever heading towards, hardwood floor cleaning, it’s quintessential to understand some common, yet always neglected issues inside the house like: coffee, lipstick, shoe polish, acetone, mustard, and many other; these issues are really bane for your hardwood floor, because when neglected, the degree to which they can damage your hardwood floor is considerable. Moreover, as hardwood flooring in Milwaukee is one- of-it’s kind; a special treatment for this flooring is the call of the occasion.

So here we’ll discuss what not to do & what to do with your hardwood floor in buffing and surrounding areas.

What not to do

  • Avoid regular household cleaning products. Use only those products, that are specially designed for hardwood
  • Use of water is a big No!!! Water will cause permanent damages to the hard wood.
  • Mopping, that too with water; never!!! Never pour water directly on the floor to ‘mop’ the floor; however, you can use a damp cloth to wipe up spills
  • Stay away from using ammonia on the hardwood; it can be damaging
  • Avoid using wax on a floor with a urethane or other glossy finish
  • When moving furniture inside the house, be careful; as dragging furniture can form scratches and marks that may be permanent.

What can be done to protect hard wood?

Vacuum you can consider vacuum cleaning over sweeping, because pulling out dirt and dust between the boards is tough for sweeping alone. Moreover, ensure you use a vacuum13613588884 with a bare floor attachment, not a vacuum beater bar, that can damage the hardwood It is very important to keep certain things in mind before cleaning and maintenance of these hardwood floors.

Using window covering, to bar direct sunlight entry inside your home is advisable. These accessories protect your floors from the discoloration caused by direct sun rays High-heels are nothing less but enemy to your hardwood floor. Try to work out ways, and avoid wearing high-heeled shoes inside the house on the wooden floor Pets with claws and nails can be a danger too; keep nails and claws trimmed on pets to avoid any sort of scratches on your finished or pre-finished hardwood floor.

Utilizing area rugs and mats in living area or other high traffic areas is best. However, ensure these coverings are not permanent, and you keep them moving; in order to enjoy similar looking hardwood floor all over

As spills cannot be avoided, ensure to clean them without any delay, with a soft towel or dry cloth. You may also consider, to use a damp cloth piece for sticky spills, but remember to dry the area immediately

Use damp mop with a microfiber head, to sweep the hardwood floor. In fact, wring the mop head thoroughly, to remove all the moisture

When using cleaners, there are a few things to avoid

  • Ensure not to take any wax, oil based, polish or strong abrasive or ammonia cleaners
  • Do keep in mind, wooden flooring is volatile and can get damaged if steel wool or scouring powder are used
  • Avoid washing wooden hard floor with any oil-soap detergent, or other liquid cleaning material, that are not certified. As there usage can cause warping, swelling, de-lamination, and joint-line separation
  • Use of any sort of buffing machine is a big no

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