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Hardwood Flooring Species, Colors and Properties

Prior to moving forward with any hardwood floor sanding or hardwood floor refinishing project, it’s best to understand all your wooden floor related options questions.

Some hardwoods when exposed to extreme desolate conditions in their solid format, will suffer damage & splitting; causing unnecessary chaos. So, to overcome this, you need an all climate resistant flooring option; refinishing engineered wood flooring can work wonders here. In addition, the areas high on humidity quotient, demands a well monitored maintenance too. Enrolling HVAC systems, to minimize the expansion or contraction process of hardwood, are highly useful; maintaining hardwood flooring to it’s best.

Some good to know facts about hardwood floor species,

Oh! That’s a different color!!

Now, that’s very common with hardwood; it changes color when exposed to light, direct or indirect both. It’s not tough to believe, that same product at different shops may appear different. Obviously, because some specimens are new and some are relatively older. However, even this change in color, may not be uniform; either can be mild, medium or excessive.

Well! Protection is possible!

Installing hardwood floor in collaboration with UV-rays proof window glasses, can be a life saver. Again, consulting a professional in that particular area of expertise is our suggestion.

Leave the job to professionals!

Designing and decorating your house alone can be a daunting task; but when assigned to Art Flooring Company, a hard floor specialist; it turns out to be an exciting makeover, to watch. Some most exotic hardwoods are available in their solid form so they can be easily crafted as per the needs. In fact, from minute details like: the kind of home construction to the area you reside; are considered while hard wood flooring.

Flooring Species Change
Ash Mild
Amendoim Mild
Australian Cypress Mild
Bamboo¹ None
Beech Mild
Birch Mild
Brazilian Cherry Dramatic
Brazilian Walnut Medium
Brazilian Teak Mild
Caribbean Rosewood Medium
Caribbean Walnut Mild
Cherry, American Dramatic
Hickory/Pecan Mild
Kempas Medium
Maple, American Mild
Merbau Medium
Oak, Red Mild
Oak, White Mild
Pine Mild
Santos Mahogany Mild
Southern Chestnut Mild
Teak, True Dramatic
Tiete Chestnut Medium
Tiete Rosewood Mild
Tigerwood Medium-Dramatic
Timborana Dramatic
Walnut, American Dramatic

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